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Baseline Issue November/December 2011

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2011-12-08 Print this article Print


2012 Top 10 Business Trends
Our analysis of Baseline’s exclusive research doesn’t look solely at what's popular—or even what's growing. To have “buzz,“ a business-technology trend has to have highly accelerated growth year over year.


Big Business Change, Big Tech Opportunity
This article provides some best practices for managing IT infrastructure during a major business change.


Banking on Technology
The financial services industry is undergoing significant changes, and information technology helps determine who soars and who stumbles.


Living in the Innovation Age
Here are five guiding principles that can help enterprises prosper in this era of business and technology innovation.


Bertucci's IT Menu Is Secure And Compliant
By improving the visibility across its IT infrastructure, Bertucci’s bolstered its security and compliance initiatives.


Taming The Wild, Wild Mobile World
IT managers must cope with the security risks associated with the advent of employee-owned mobile devices that access corporate data.


Five Steps For Effective IT Policy Management

Is Watson Technology Practical For Business?

Removing “Gut Feel” From Hiring Decisions

Building An E-Discovery Center Of Excellence

Six Qualities Of A World-Class CTO

Finding Personal Innovation: 11 Practical Ideas

The Race For Technology Pros Has Begun

Seven Steps To Lower Information Overload


Stories report on economic espionage against the United States and 10 ways to relieve toxic levels of stress.


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
Wondering ... and Worrying
What will 2012 bring? That’s top of mind for most people.

Perspectives by Kyle Scott
Business Ethics: Doing What’s Right
You owe it to employees, shareholders and yourself to act ethically.

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