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Baseline Issue Nov/Dec 2010

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Top 10 Tech trends of 2011
Security enjoys a welcome revival in our third annual market research survey of the technology trends that managers and executives expect to be most significant in their organizations next year. Security moved from No. 7 last year to No. 1 in this year’s survey. Some hyped technologies, such as cloud computing, moved down from last year, while business intelligence moved up several spots.


New York Life Gets Social
This venerable insurance company went from “no” to “go” on social media, dealing with significant compliance challenges along the way. Until this year, New York Life didn’t allow its employees and agents to use social media for official purposes. That changed this year when the company began rolling out a social networking initiative for agents, recruiters and employees. As part of that initiative, New York Life created a secure, compliant networking experience.

Dealing With a Data Deluge
Citizens & Northern Bank implemented a log management system to ensure the collection and retention of its syslog data and to address compliance concerns. However, it found that the system also provides a number of other benefits, including streamlined IT operations, enhanced event management and stronger security.


Seeing the Big Picture
Digital technologies are forever changing the way media and entertainment companies manage their workloads and enhance their customers' experience.


Getting the Most from your IT Budget
IT needs to move to a financial architecture that supports growth.

Reducing Social Media Risks
It's important to create a social media governance strategy.

Going Beyond Traditional ROI
Consider product, process and performance perspectives.

Developing a Social Media Policy
Talk to your staff about keeping confidential information private.

Why 70% of All Changes Fail
Savvy IT departments communicate clearly with their clients.

Intergenerational Workplace Conflict
Managers must understand the differences among generations.


Managing Business Capabilities Within Strategic Enterprise Architecture
Well-defined business capabilities can help close the gap between business interests and technology concerns.


Closing the Books on Manual Accounting Processes
The accounting department at Atlas Air embarked on a multipronged process-improvement initiative designed to help close its books faster, streamline reporting and lower costs.


Eight Ways to Ensure Outsourcing Success
Saving money is a significant reason for using an outsourcing service, but to achieve those savings, enterprises have to know how to work effectively with the outsourcing vendor. Here are eight suggestions that can help.


Stories include a computer that's being taught to actually learn, an organization that’s combating domestic violence with the help of donated smartphones and a tiny robot that’s controlled by the neurons from a rat's brain.


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
Your Top 10 List of 2011 Tech Trends
Baseline’s third annual survey reveals some surprising trends.

Perspectives by Michael R. Wood
Facing a Crisis of Leadership
Leadership deficit disorder happens with CIOs lose their way.

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