Baseline Issue May 2008

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Bovine Intervention
The rollout of the USDA’s animal identification system is based on the same radio-frequency identification technology used to track manufacturing parts and  retail inventory.


Hot Dog!
It will take more than special recipes for hot dogs and rice pudding to expand Johnny’s Lunch from five locations to 3,000 restaurants.

Take the Sting Out of Workers' Comp Rates
As the costs of insurance and health care continue to soar, companies are turning to technology to reduce employee injuries and workers’ comp fees.


Test Automation: Banking on IT
Arizona Federal Credit Union’s automatic application testing on a critical software rollout resulted in decreased time to market and increased quality over manual testing.


Open-Source Obstacles
Licensing (too much), documentation (too little) and customization (often essential) are some of the challenges faced by companies using nonproprietary software.

BPM Goes Mainstream
Business process management improves workflow and productivity, studies show—as long as the organization really wants to change.

Outsourcing: A Means of Business Enablement
Shell’s deal with EDS demonstrates how IT outsourcing is freeing companies to focus on their core business operations—and save money at the same time.


Shifting Gears: A Matter of Survival at Moody's
When Moody’s reorganized, Senior Vice President and CIO Perry Rotella found himself overseeing development of a technology infrastructure to support the company’s financial-reporting business.


Easy-to Swallow Tablets
More support for corporate apps and a variety of form factors make tablet PCs more palatable to the enterprise.

Web Mashups
You don’t have to be a programmer to create smashing mashups for your company. Just follow these seven steps.

5 Laws of Virtualization Security
Virtualization technology can boost performance and save you money, but with it come new security concerns.


Process Flow Design: Creating "Business Technology Portfolios
Take these six steps to master the art of enterprise technology portfolio and program management.

Predicting Infrastructure Design Success
Will your next application infrastructure project soar like an eagle—or sink like a stone? Use our calculator to find out.


Starting Point: Lawrence M. Walsh
Transforming enterprise security.

Tech Track: Michael Vizard
The impending crisis in data center processing power.

Strominator: David Strom
How to rein in rogue apps.

This article was originally published on 2008-05-01
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