Baseline Issue July/August 2011

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Riding the Information Wave
Enterprises are adopting sophisticated business intelligence and analytics technologies to manage the enormous wave of data they receive and to establish a competitive advantage.


Balancing Act: Access vs. Security
Educational institutions must deal with an onslaught of mobile devices. That requires the IT organization to provide ample network bandwidth while managing the security threats generated by mobile technologies.


Workers Without Borders
With today’s tech tools, a growing number of employees are able to work remotely with the same capabilities they have in the corporate office.


The CIO Imperative: Do more, Spend Less
It is possible for IT leaders to continually lower costs while adding business value. Here’s some advice that can help.

A Data Governance Primer
Businesspeople and IT leaders who recognize the importance of data governance are working together to define and formalize a set of practices.


Data Center Upgrade Earns High Marks at CSU
Chicago State University adopts an integrated data center monitoring solution to enhance efficiency, operational visibility and responsiveness.


How to Manage your SAN
Best practices include developing a disaster recovery plan and implementing virtualization, tiers and clustering options.


Building Trust in the IT organization

Macy’s Ramps Up Online Operations

Best Practices for a Business-First Approach to it

Are You a Progress-Making Leader?

Five Ways to Create Successful Virtual Teams

Analytics Help Save an Endangered Species


Stories report on a “catty” communication tool, robot “babies” and a device that translates brain signals into commands for electronic devices.


STARTING POINT by Eileen Feretic
The Use and Misuse of Information
As a vital asset, information must be valued, verified and protected.

PERSPECTIVES by Larry Bonfantane
It’s the Business, Stupid!
IT should be involved in every aspect of operations and strategy.

This article was originally published on 2011-07-28
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