Baseline Issue July 2008

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Serving Up SaaS
Software as a service delivers robust applications more efficiently than conventional deployment models, but concerns about data security, availability and ease of integration continue. SaaS Versus Hosted Applications

Google Apps Set Off Security Alarms
The search giant’s expanding cloud computing and software as a service offerings have tremendous appeal, but corporate security experts are concerned about the risks.

Disney Fast-Forwards Into the Digital Age
The transition from conventional to digital moviemaking, storage and distribution has Disney remaking workflow processes.


Facebook, Linkedin: Meet Human Resources
When it comes to your career, is your profile on the social networking sites working for you—or against you?

Surviving C-Suite Churn
The impending retirement of the baby boomers will intensify the typical “turnover at the top”. Here are six strategies to combat the repercussions on your executive suite.

10 Trends in Project Management
Read about the latest developments in project management.


IT Delivers Value to Patients and Doctors
As Texas Children’s Hospital undergoes a $1.5 billion expansion, CIO David Finn’s 290-member team and its partners provide the underlying technology and ensure information availability, security and privacy.

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ERP: Out of the Woods
Support problems forced machinery-parts maker Blount International to abandon a routine SAP outsourcing deal. The cure: Blount manages the system in-house, but relies on an outside service for secure hosting.


Understanding Two-Factor Authentication
You have some decisions to make when it comes to two-factor authentication. Read about the two basic categories—token and nontoken—and the pros and cons of each.

Protecting Your Laptop
Disk encryption, passwords, biometrics … Most corporate laptops come with some data safeguards built in. You just have to get people to use them.


Building the Right Architecture
A strategic enterprise architecture defines an organization’s business model and the technology environment that supports it. Here are five capabilities required to develop an effective SEA.


Starting Point
Strong customer relationships are based on respect.

Tech Track
Green initiatives can rile users and introduce risks, so start slowly and gather support.

You think the Internet is accessible to you everywhere? Think again.

This article was originally published on 2008-07-01
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