Baseline Issue April 2008

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Symantec’s Midnight at the Oasis
Project Oasis wreaked havoc on software vendor Symantec. The fix has solved the problems, and serves as a model.


Disruptive Forces
What makes a company exceptional? Strategies to assess emerging disruptive technologies, and a list of the most disruptive companies.

Slicing Through IT Costs
Cary Westmark gets non-tech executives to play the IT game.


CDC Issues Pandemic Systems Plan
The U.S. government prepares for a potential influenza outbreak.

Google, Microsoft Take Health Care Tech Pulse
The tech giants introduce tools to improve patient record-keeping and monitoring.

Multiple Online Personas: The Choice of a New Generation
Generation V present themselves differently online. Marketers would be wise to adapt accordingly.


Old Pipes, New Pipes
Leading companies invest in their own wide-area networks rather than depend on leased services.


10 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Wireless Deployment
Info you need to know about the vendors that want your business.

Better Roaming with Mobile Broadband
Follow this road warrior’s guide to the cellular carriers’ plans.


Strategic Planning
Make the right IT investments to turn your ideas into actions that produce value.


Starting Point: Lawrence M Walsh
Web services’ disruptive power.

Tech Track: Michael Vizard
Surviving the coming storage war.

Strominator: David Strom
10 safety tips for wireless travelers.

This article was originally published on 2008-03-31
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