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Facts and Figures

By Pierre Colin  |  Posted 2011-12-05 Print this article Print

Romancing the Clone: How Avaya overcame major challenges untangling data from its Nortel acquisition.

•    10 month project duration (Aug 2010 - May 2011)
•    2,254 tasks executed by 228 resources from 11 companies around the globe in less than 96 hours during the cut-over process
•    9,479 modifications made to the cut-over plan before baselining
•    47 applications migrated
•    Complete ‘interim’ data center built and dismantled
•    178 Servers installed and configured
•    4 enterprise-class storage arrays deployed
•    Thousands of lines of codes developed for ‘one-time use only’ cleansing code
•    30TB of data migrated 4 times through the entire process
•    Several hundred firewall rules implemented
•    30+ Extranets (ENCs) created with 3rd parties
•    Hundreds of application interfaces re-configured
•    200+ test cases executed
•    445 helpdesk scripts created
•    35 IT self-service online transactions developed
•    On boarded a new outsourcer

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