25 Best Ways to Find IT Savings: 21 to 25

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Gartner says IT ‘industrialization’ is an opportunity to reduce IT costs and curtail wasteful spending.


21) Make better use of existing tools by improving process and policy.

22) Defer client architecture pilot/evaluation projects.

23) Implement thin provisioning and data de-duplication for storage reduction.

24) Consolidate and virtualize servers.

25) Target two or three areas for zero-based budgeting in 2009.

*Here are 6 other ways from Gartner to cut IT costs.

After running down their list of cuts, Gartner’s analysts gave CIOs and IT managers a game plan for girding their departments for the coming recession:


  • Create a cost-cutting team
  • Assign some of your best staff and a financially qualified person (such as an auditor)
  • Define a cost-cutting goal and a project timeline

Near Future (Next 12 months)

  • Revise IT plans that anticipate a sluggish recovery in 2009
  • Offer ideas for transformational IT applications that exploit the opportunity for restructuring in the downturn and contribute to strong recovery

Longer Term (Two years)

  • Apply alternative delivery models, such as SaaS and BPO, but retain flexibility
  • Establish governance structures that inhibit the return of IT waste and duplication.

This article was originally published on 2008-04-08
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