11 Principles of Business Success

11 Principles of Business Success

11 Principles of Business Success

Failure more often is caused by sloppy execution than bad ideas.
Take personal initiative in your career, instead of waiting for someone to hand opportunity to you. Be proactive in resolving problems, rather than muddling along until a crisis hits. You have the tools to overcome the obstacles you face every day, says Jack Nadel, author of a new book called Use What You Have to Get What You Want: 100 Basic Ideas That Mean Business (JNJ Publishing/Available February). Nadel says workers can tap their own inherent strengths to master the business world. A lifetime entrepreneur, his perspective stems mostly from experience on the sales and marketing front, but many of his ideas are directly transferable to the enterprise IT culture as well. “I believe our problems can best be solved by our own efforts,” Nadel says. “You need to own basic ideas and fit them into your individual needs.” A decorated World War II veteran, Nadel is founder of Jack Nadel International, and his clients include Cisco, Apple, IBM, Bank of America and NASDAQ. For more about the book, click here.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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