10 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Tech Gurus - 'Be Realistic'


It is impossible to find a geek with 10 years of experience in a 12-year-old technology who will accept entry-level wages. And yet, Martineau sees this kind of unrealistic expectation propped up by hopeful, naïve or willfully ignorant IT hiring managers around the country. Martineau believes organizations need to get real about matching the caliber of their organization and compensation to an appropriately-skilled candidate.


Managing IT professionals is a lot easier task when the technology team is made up of talented individuals. Unfortunately, many IT managers fail to cultivate their skills around recruiting because they do it so infrequently compared to their other day-to-day management tasks.
In this last installment of Getting the Best out of Geeks slideshow, we spoke with Dan Martineau. A 25-year veteran in IT headhunting, Martineau is principal of Martineau Recruiting Technology. He offers 10 tips on improving IT recruiting practices.


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