10 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Tech Gurus - 'Develop Relationships with Great People'


Birds of a feather flock together. As Martineau puts it, great technologists hang out with other great geeks (and mediocre ones also find their own kind). The most successful hiring managers do their best to extend their network outside company lines and foster connections among the types of geeks they'd like to employ. Even if they know they'll never get a specific person to come on board, those great catches tend to be friends with similarly-talented people.


Managing IT professionals is a lot easier task when the technology team is made up of talented individuals. Unfortunately, many IT managers fail to cultivate their skills around recruiting because they do it so infrequently compared to their other day-to-day management tasks.
In this last installment of Getting the Best out of Geeks slideshow, we spoke with Dan Martineau. A 25-year veteran in IT headhunting, Martineau is principal of Martineau Recruiting Technology. He offers 10 tips on improving IT recruiting practices.


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