10 Business Phrases That Must Die Now

10 Business Phrases That Must Die Now

10 Business Phrases That Must Die Now

This worn phrase reportedly originated with a “connect the dots” puzzle popular at the Walt Disney Company.
You’ve heard them all so many times that they hardly register anymore. Whether in a conference room or a casual conversation, phrases that once sounded clever have been reduced to clichés. Some of them actually are rooted in real business concepts. Others are fluff that somehow became part of the corporate lexicon. Either way, like that annoying song that stays stuck in your head, they must be ignored, erased, or replaced. See also All-Time Great Ad Lines CareerBuilder surveyed some 5,300 workers to find out which expressions have worn out their welcome; below is the top (or bottom) ten. Oddly enough, the ubiquitous “paradigm shift” and its less stuffy cousin, “game changer,” didn’t make the cut. You can access the entire list here.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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