10 Tips for Mobile Security

10 Tips for Mobile Security

10 Tips for Mobile Security

Be clear about how – and if – personal mobile devices will be allowed to tap into your network. Spell out the levels of access permitted.
As tablets and smartphones make their way from the consumer world into the IT ecosystem, keeping those devices – and the corporate networks and data they access – secure is a growing challenge. Employees want to access work e-mail or other sensitive corporate data with personal mobile devices like iPads or Android phones, so companies need to make sure their data remains secure. But mobile security doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. “The key thing is that the platforms themselves are pretty secure, “said Nick Arvanitis, principal security consultant at Dimension Data. “They’re a different point of end-point computing like a laptop or a workstation would be. But one of the big questions that a lot of people have at the moment is how to integrate these devices into existing support and management systems – there aren’t necessarily the tools in the enterprise today to address mobile devices.” Arvanitis recommends IT departments consider the following areas when creating a mobile security plan.

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