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SAP`s Apotheker to Become Co-CEO - Report

By Reuters -  |  Posted 2008-03-14 Print this article Print

SAP is set to get a second CEO.

FRANKFURT, March 14 (Reuters) - Business software maker SAP plans to make Deputy Chief Executive and global sales and marketing chief Leo Apotheker joint CEO alongside Henning Kagermann next month, the Boersen-Zeitung newspaper reported, without giving its sources.

An SAP spokesman said the supervisory board had not reached a decision. "We will not comment on other people's predictions," the spokesman said on Friday.

Apotheker was made deputy CEO a year ago, when SAP's then head of software products, Shai Agassi, resigned.

Agassi had been seen as next in line to become CEO but SAP's co-founder and supervisory board chief, Hasso Plattner, said at the time Agassi had not been willing to wait after Kagermann's contract was extended a month earlier.

SAP had previously introduced changes in CEO by first having a duo at the helm. Kagermann too was initially co-CEO alongside Plattner before his switch to the supervisory board.

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