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Disruptive Forces: Alibaba

By Chris Gonsalves  |  Posted 2008-03-27 Print this article Print


Location: Hangzhou, China

CEO: Yun “Jack” Ma

Revenues: $350 million

What they do: The eBay of China

Disruptive qualities: Alibaba has found ways to connect with China’s burgeoning Internet population: 210 million users and growing! Yun Ma has been fearless in the face of repeated missteps on the road to success and now reigns over an English-language B2B site for international buyers looking to contact Chinese sellers and a Chinese-language site focused on B2B trades inside China.

The tech that makes them tick: Alibaba boasts a simple e-commerce front-end and the ability to scale: It’s current user base of 25 million is just a tiny piece of China’s small and medium business market.

Who they are disrupting: The company is skirmishing with American interlopers such as eBay, which has taken a well-funded run at the Chinese market.

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