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A Quick Guide to Social Media Within the Enterprise

A Quick Guide to Social Media Within the Enterprise

A Quick Guide to Social Media Within the Enterprise

At Getty Images, 1,800 employees in over 100 countries use Socialtext to share expertise, resources and information through tagging, microblogging, blogging, and wikis.

Fortune 1000 companies are finding social media technologies to be increasingly valuable inside their organizations. External usage, for the purposes of marketing, communications and business intelligence, has grown along with major consumer services like Facebook and Twitter. But inside the firewall, enterprises also employ with growing sophistication tools such as blogs, wikis, discussion boards, microblogging and interlinked geolocation services. These tools are the sum of more than two decades of development, and capabilities have changed radically over the last few years. Today, thanks to Web 2.0 and mobility, social networking is allowing employees to link and share data, information and knowledge in ways that weren’t imaginable only a few years ago. Most importantly, it’s ratcheting up collaboration and unleashing the potential of the digital age.

Samuel Greengard is a freelance writer for Baseline.
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