10 Steps to Moving to the Cloud

10 Steps to Moving to the Cloud

10 Steps to Moving to the Cloud

1. Think End-to-end The traditional server-centric monitoring approach is no longer relevant. Focus on applications and transactions instead.

Virtualization and cloud computing increase efficiency and flexibility in providing data and applications to users, yet managing performance of applications and transactions in the cloud is neither simple nor easy. When you add another layer, particularly one that is highly dynamic in nature, assuring a high quality user experience gets trickier when applications misbehave. It’s harder to determine where an application or transaction was working when the failure or slowdown occurred, since virtual machines are provisioned and decommissioned continually according to business priority and demand. You can no longer monitor an application in the context of its server. This slideshow, written by Zohar Gilad, Executive VP of Precise, provides an overview of top issues to consider before, during and after migration.

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