What Kind of Social Media "Personality" Are You?

What Kind of Social Media

What Kind of Social Media "Personality" Are You?

69% of extraverts 60% of introverts
If you ever worked at a large corporation—or taken some college psychology courses—you've probably come across what's known at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. The MBTI evolved from the theories of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, considered the founder of analytical psychology. CPP Inc. oversees MBTI, and as many as two million assessments are conducted annually. Recently, the CPP folks came up with breakdowns over the social media preferences and habits of particular personality types, especially extroverts, introverts, "feeling" people and thinkers. They even have a sense of which classification of personalities are most likely to be surfing social media while at work, and who's most likely to share information about their job with their friends. The findings focus mainly on Facebook usage, along with LinkedIn and Twitter. To produce the research, CPP surveyed nearly 1,800 participants in the assessment.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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