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Breaks in the Clouds

By Ericka Chickowski  |  Posted 2009-02-19 Print this article Print

A tough economy hurts pay premiums, but bright spots remain.

The overall picture looks grim at the moment, but certain numbers in the Foote report, as well as other studies, show that there are enough sun breaks in the clouds to keep geeks from despairing.

A recent Computer Economics report showed that analysts there expect modest overall gains in pay, projecting 2 percent increases in median IT pay for 2009. And the most recent BLS report showed that even amid prevalent layoffs, certain IT categories saw net gains in positions in January, including Management and Technical Consulting Services, Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services, and Computer and Peripheral Equipment categories.

Within the non-certified skills categories Foote examined, five saw growth in the last year. And Foote found that even those professionals with certifications may finally see some benefit again from that signed piece of paper after many consecutive quarters of declines in certs premiums.

“Over the last three months certification skills as relates to non-certified skills took much less of a hit,” Foote says. “Usually in a recession certification starts going up in value because people start looking at streams of candidates and finding it’s like sipping from a fire hose. They put a job out and get so many people they tend to then choose, if all things are equal, the certified person.”

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