Nine Ways To Sabotage Your Career

Nine Ways To Sabotage Your Career

Nine Ways To Sabotage Your Career

Blow DeadlinesYou’re not in college anymore. Think about the inconvenience to others when your work is late.
Good jobs are scarce these days, so you might think people would be careful to hang on to work when they've got it. Yet many employees sabotage their own careers through excruciatingly ill-conceived -- and easy to avoid -- work habits. A recent book, The Professional: Defining the New Standard of Excellence at Work (Portfolio/Penguin; Available now), lays out nine potential career-killing behaviors observed in real life. The bottom line: succeeding within an organization and building a career are about more than talent and producing good work on occasion, according to author Subroto Bagchi. You have to maintain your personal integrity, take responsibility for your actions, and nurture habits and practices that define true professionalism over time. If you do lapse into even one of these behaviors on a regular basis, you ultimately will do the most harm to yourself. For more about the book, click here.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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