How to Get a Job Without Applying

How to Get a Job Without Applying

How to Get a Job Without Applying

Constantly find ways to expand your network both online and off via social media, professional associations, etc.
The days of looking for jobs in classified ads or merely posting your resume on a job board are gone. That just doesn't work anymore. Because honestly, do you think those hundreds of resumes you email to corporate HR departments ever end up in the hands of the managers who'd hire you? Or have they wound up in some dead email void, never to be seen by human eyes. In "Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest" (Career Press/available now), author Darrell W. Gurney reveals that 80 percent of posted openings are filled before they're even advertised. Rather than flounder on job boards, Gurney says that today's professionals must pursue alternative "stealth" search tactics that deliver results in today's business world. I's a combination of networking -- both online and face-to-face -- and cultivating a reputation as a skilled future contributor in the eyes of key influencers. A 25-year career consultant/coach, Gurney is founder of CareerGuy.com. For more about the book, click here.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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