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Hot or Not: Pay Varies for Different IT Skills

Hot or Not: Pay Varies for Different IT Skills

Hot or Not: Pay Varies for Different IT Skills

Non-Certified Skills See DeclineThe last quarter of 2008 saw the first declines in non-certified IT skills since mid-2004, dipping by 0.5 percent. For the year, non-certified skills were rewarded with a 2.2 percent bump in pay premium.
by Ericka Chickowski

Foote Partners recently released its IT Skills and Certification Pay Index, which examines IT pay premiums through the end of 2008.

Premium pay is defined as compensation received for possessing high-value IT and business skills used on the job. It is often used to adjust either base pay or total pay in situations where job title does not match actual duties and responsibilities. It may be used as a reward, recruiting inducement, retention tool or as a guide for creating consulting rate cards.

Foote Partners surveys 179 different skills to calculate IT pay premiums.

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