10 Ways to Improve Your Work Performance

10 Ways to Improve Your Work Performance

10 Ways to Improve Your Work Performance

Some people prefer to work in a dimly lit environment, but bright surroundings alert the senses.
Have you mentally tuned out at work even before your day begins because you can't focus or wish you were still asleep? You're not alone. As many as four in 10 U.S. employees experience fatigue on the job, according to published reports. This can cost organizations as many as 5.6 hours per week in lost productivity because of lackluster performance, as opposed to absences. But it makes sense. If you're dragging your feet all day, you're probably not at your best. Fueling up with bottomless cups of coffee or caffeine-packed energy drinks isn't a healthy solution. In fact, many medical experts say excessive dependence upon caffeine has a negative impact on energy levels over time. While we're not recommending you abandon your favorite French Roast, there are alternatives. Here we take a look at 10 healthier ways to boost your mood and alertness during the day, as compiled from medical authorities featured at the Nursing Online Education Database (noedb.org) and WebMd.com.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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