10 Rotten, Terrible, No-Good Bosses

10 Rotten, Terrible, No-Good Bosses

10 Rotten, Terrible, No-Good Bosses

Timing is Everything A supervisor prohibited a worker from going to her grandmother’s death bed, saying “Well, she’s not dead yet.”
There’s something about working for The Man that just makes us mad. That’s true even when we are The Man, or The Man is a woman -- tales of misapplied authority never get old. Some of this is just human nature – an atavistic longing for freedom, an impulse toward rubbernecking at disasters – and some of it comes from genuine frustration with the obstacles that keep us from doing our best work, and a desire to learn and do better in our own managerial roles. Some of it is just whining. Honestly, many of the stories we’ve collected aren’t going to recall a Dickens novel or Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, but some of these woeful tales – whether dealing with personal hygiene, rampant corruption, or outright abusive behavior – reach a level of outrageous behavior among supervisors that would be comical if it weren’t true. Our sampling here is taken from websites including ReallyBadBoss.com, EmployeeSurveys.com, OurStressfulLives.com, WorkingAmerica.org.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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