1-800-Flowers Enhances Customer Satisfaction

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1-800-Flowers implemented a live chat program to better serve its online customers’ immediate needs.

By Steve Bozzo

Since its launch in 1976, 1-800-Flowers.com has built its business on the philosophy that success is defined as helping customers express themselves perfectly by leveraging a wide variety of original arrangements with the ultimate goal of delivering smiles to the important people in their lives. To accomplish this goal across all our channels, we realized that we needed an integrated customer service program to assist our online shoppers.

In 2009, as our online presence continued to grow, we began to seek areas to enhance our online customer service process. We wanted to ensure that our customers received a consistent brand experience, regardless of whether they spoke with a customer service agent, interacted with a florist in one of our shops or connected with us online.

In the past, our customers who had questions while shopping on our Website would seek support through our call center or via email. However, in 2009, as our online presence continued to grow, we recognized there was an opportunity to enhance our customer service program and connect with our customers more effectively, and from a resource standpoint, more efficiently. 

As our primary objective has always been to provide the best possible customer experience in every channel, we decided to implement LivePerson’s live chat program to better serve our customers’ immediate needs in real time. Our main goal in implementing the program was to engage and connect with our customers at the most helpful moment in their shopping experience—when they would benefit the most from an interaction.

An Intelligent Solution

One of the reasons we chose this program is because we need to connect with our customers at the right time, and LP Chat has the intelligence to proactively deliver chat invitations at the best possible moment, based on a visitor’s onsite behavior.  Some of our most successful use cases include leveraging LP Chat’s geo-location intelligence to help customers pick the best delivery options based on their area and to successfully complete their orders.

The customer assistance we provide is both immediate and personal—qualities that are crucial in the e-commerce industry, as it is easy for customers to click away from a Website.

We also are impressed by the scalability and reliability of the platform. For example, during our peak seasons, we experience significant spikes on our Website, which can be sixfold to tenfold in both traffic and order volume.

With peak holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, it is imperative that our chat service be able to support heavy volumes on specific days without compromising the quality of assistance. Utilizing LP chat, as well as our additional customer service outlets, we are able to support the spike in volume and serve our customers with the highest quality customer service.

Another major advantage in using a platform-based chat program is the ability to collect and analyze chat transcripts to reveal important insights about our business. For example, we discovered that a large number of visitors were asking for sunflower bouquets, particularly for Mother’s Day. At that time, we hadn’t merchandised sunflowers for Mother’s Day, but we realized it would be an easy win in the future.

Since implementing live chat, we have experienced unsurpassed success in our online customer service program. According to a 2011 Forrester report, chat recorded the highest customer satisfaction score among all online customer service channels.

By leveraging LivePerson’s customer engagement technology, we are able to maintain the high quality of support and service our customers expect from us, and to offer a very personal and efficient way to connect and engage with our customers online.

Steve Bozzo is the CIO of 1-800-Flowers.  

This article was originally published on 2012-04-05
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