Ten Habits of Bad Web Design

Ten Habits of Bad Web Design

Ten Habits of Bad Web Design

Scrolling text, automatic launches of video and audio, and screen-grabbing ads are all turnoffs.
Awful websites remain a hazard for businesses and customers. Fifteen years have elapsed since the Web reached the mainstream, but the bad old days of roll-your-own GeoCities pages never seem too far away. It is one thing for a teenager to create a headache-inducing introduction to her band on MySpace, quite another for your company's front door to the world to look like the result of an explosion at the font factory. Despite the success of Google, which rode to dominance on one of the cleanest page designs imaginable, and other models of efficiency and user-friendly flow, an alarming percentage of Web sites continue to be plagued by eye-straining, illogical, and otherwise displeasing and dysfunctional layouts. Let's face it: this really should not be so difficult. Below are Ten Egregious Web Site Offenses that any site taking itself seriously should be careful to avoid. Yeah, we might be guilty of some of these ourselves. Do not be shy about letting us know how our own sites could look and perform better.
Tony Kontzer is a freelance writer for Baseline magazine.

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