Symantec and Juniper Detail New Security Partnership

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The two companies will share information and technological development operations to combine their respective expertise in providing network security products and services.

Security software market leader Symantec and networking giant Juniper Networks announced a new strategic partnership on Sept. 12 aimed at tapping into the two massive companies' respective capabilities in defending corporate networks from outside attacks.

Labeled by the companies' leading executives as a nonexclusive partnership of strategy and direction, the vendors said the primary benefit of the tie-up will be their ability to share information about emerging threats to help their customers prepare for attacks faster and more cost effectively. In a conference call with media and analysts, Symantec Chairman John Thompson and Juniper Chairman Scott Kriens outlined the business relationship through which they said the companies will be able to provide end-to-end security protection for their customers' networks and desktop computers.

By pooling the data that Symantec receives from the estimated 100 million desktops on which its security applications run worldwide, along with the threat detection capabilities built into the massive networks managed by Juniper, considered the second largest company in its space behind Cisco Systems, the partners will be able to predict how threats will develop and when they may arrive far more effectively than on their own, the executives said.

"At its core one of the real drivers of this partnership is the ever-changing threat landscape, as over even the last few months we haven't just seen a rise in the number and variety of threats, but also in the demand for improved speed in responding to these attacks," said Thompson. "Our combined companies can consider security from the endpoint back to network itself and address it in a way that gives customers confidence that the security of their data isn't being compromised as it travels over the network."

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This article was originally published on 2006-09-12
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