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Sybase Aims Two New Products at Securing Mobile Infrastructure

By Patrick Hoffman  |  Posted 2006-10-31 Print this article Print

Database specialist Sybase announces that it's ready to step in and protect wireless devices and mobile e-mails.

Sybase announced in a statement Oct. 31 the launching of two new products that focuses on securing wireless devices and e-mails: Afaria 5.5 and OneBridge 5.5.

"What we have done here is significantly raise the bar on how IT can manage and secure wireless devices in the enterprise," said Joe Owen, vice president of engineering of iAnywhere, in a company statement.

"Mobile devices are evolving at a very fast pace and are becoming more and more prevalent in the enterprise."

When asked about how integrated these products are, a Sybase representative told eWEEK in an e-mail that "OneBridge and Afaria Security Manager enable interoperability across technologies to optimize wireless communications, simplify IT requirements and improve mobile user experience."

In the same correspondence to eWEEK, Dublin, Calif.-based Sybase pointed out the following integrated features of these products:

  • New secure relay architecture
  • No longer a need to open inbound server ports or firewalls to enable pushing enterprise data to mobile devices
  • No need to install or configure any components in DMZ (demilitarized zone) while using Sybase iAnywhere products in conjunction with the hosted Relay Server.
  • Connect any wireless mobile devices to their enterprise data securely without staging data outside the firewall
  • A Consolidated Push Agent: for e-mail, management and security that "listens" for push traffic from the server.

    When asked if these products were built to work with other Sybase products, Sybase said "In OneBridge 5.5, we added support for SQL Anywhere.

    However, one of the strengths of our platform is our heterogeneous support for backend databases, devices, operating systems and enterprise email systems."

    Sybase's Afaria 5.5 gives users the opportunity to manage and secure wireless devices with its updated Security Manager, wireless device provisioning, a remote control for Windows Mobile devices and a Patch Manager update.

    Afaria's updated Security Manager includes FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption modules, which helps businesses send important data to other mobile users under increased security directives and compliance requirements.

    Read the full story on eWEEK.com: Sybase Aims Two New Products at Securing Mobile Infrastructure.

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