Survey: CIOs Put Out Help-Wanted Sign for Business-Savvy IT Professionals

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Hiring will increase for programmers, systems developers, project managers and business analysts who really understand business.

Our first two findings presented evidence that IT organizations are growing. But where will the growth come? Our latest finding covers the hiring outlook for 18 different IT positions, and finds that the demand for new systems and infrastructure is leading to more hiring for IT professionals who can build them. But today, this requires business as well as technical know-how, a combination of skills IT executives expect will be difficult to find.

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Finding 3: CIOs are looking for business-savvy technologists to build new systems.
Large and midsize companies are ramping up hiring in programming and systems development; also in demand are professionals in project management, business-process redesign, business analysis and systems integration. The message to IT professionals is clear: A need exists in the U.S. for talented technicians who can be businesspeople, too, especially if they can function in a global economy.

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  • Finding 3: CIOs are looking for business-savvy technologists to build new systems.

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    This article was originally published on 2006-08-15
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