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Novell Delays SUSE 10 Release

By Steven Vaughan-Nichols  |  Posted 2006-06-19 Print this article Print

Novell will be delaying the launch of its SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 server and desktop while working out the last kinks in its new patch update system. (DesktopLinux.com)

According to a Novell confidential memo dated June 14, Novell will be slightly delaying its next release of both the server and desktop versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 "to address final issues with our new package management, registration, and update system and also fix the remaining blocker defects."

SUSE has a new update and package management system, which has not worked well in its initial release in the free, community OpenSUSE 10.1 release.

This new system is based on Libzypp. This is a backend program that uses RPM (RPM Package manager) packages for installing, removing, and querying program packages.

With it, Novell is attempting to marry the best features of SUSE's old yast2 package manager and Ximian's libredcarpet.

Unfortunately, even after a recent set of fixes was released, SUSE's update and new program installation system is still giving many users trouble.

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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is editor of eWEEK.com's Linux & Open Source Center and Ziff Davis Channel Zone. Prior to becoming a technology journalist, Vaughan-Nichols worked at NASA and the Department of Defense on numerous major technological projects. Since then, he's focused on covering the technology and business issues that make a real difference to the people in the industry.
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