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Moonwalk Releases Data Management Suite, Sans Middleware

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2007-04-11 Print this article Print

The Australian company dispenses with tiered or hierarchical approaches and goes its own route with a completely new storage architecture.

Moonwalk, an Australia-based creator of what it calls "all-inclusive data management and protection software," made its U.S. debut April 11 with the introduction of its Moonwalk 6.0 software suite.

Moonwalk's software uses no middleware, yet automates and proactively manages the migration, copying and movement of data transparently throughout the enterprise, CEO Peter Harvey told eWEEK.

Moonwalk, based in Milton, Australia, dispenses with tiered or hierarchical storage approaches and SRM (storage resource management) applications that merely provide visibility into storage usage.

"We see a huge touchpoint across all markets, but especially in the SMB [small and midsize business] space," Harvey told eWEEK. "The reason being is that the concept of all-inclusive data management technology hasn't been implemented because of the complexity and costs of putting it into the middleware, for ongoing management.

"What we've come up with is a totally new architecture that has no middleware, you just load and go with it. It reduces many of the obstacles and impediments to putting a data management strategy and structure in place in the organization."

Moonwalk is comprised of one platform "that will scale from your PC to your enterprise," Harvey said. "It's enterprise-type software that just runs. As long as we see a file system, we play."

Moonwalk combines user-defined classification and migration policies for data management with metadata-level precision for all information on network storage, servers and clients, Harvey said.

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