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Microsoft Security Guru Leaves for Amazon.com

By Ryan Naraine  |  Posted 2006-07-29 Print this article Print

Jesper Johansson, a high-profile security guru at Microsoft, moves on to serve as principal security program manager for e-commerce giant Amazon.

Jesper Johansson, a high-profile security guru at Microsoft, has left the company.

Johansson, who served for five years as a senior security strategist at the Redmond, Wash., software maker, will move to become principal security program manager at Amazon.com, headquartered in Seattle.

A regular at security conferences and Microsoft events, Johansson served as a passionate evangelist of the LUA (least-privileged user account) concept, which is being implemented as the default in Windows Vista under the name of UAC (user account controls).

He recently made a public plea for Windows Vista beta testers to leave the User Account Control feature turned on to help Microsoft gather information so that it can reduce the annoyances of the feature in a secure manner.

Johansson is also an advocate for the use of safe-passwords techniques in the enterprise.

At the height of the WMF zero-day attacks earlier in 2006, Johansson offered measured advice on the use of unofficial patches and he was constantly on the move, traveling around the world to help customers figure out how to use Microsoft's products securely.

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