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High-Tech Exec Market Picking Up

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A new report shows that the high-tech, health care and financial service industries are expected to create the most executive jobs in the third quarter.

The high-tech, healthcare and financial service industries are expected to create the most executive-level jobs in the third quarter, according to the latest EER (Executive Employment Report) released July 31 by ExecuNet, a executive job search and networking firm.

Across all industries, the demand for executive talent is the greatest in the health care, banking and high-tech industries over the next three months.

The West Coast, followed by the South and Southeast, are expected to lead in executive-level job growth. Sales, business development, finance, general management and operations management were the five fastest-growing executive job market functions.

Suggesting that rising interest rates and energy costs are tempering expectations for future economic growth, executives' confidence in the employment market cooled slightly in June.

Thirty-seven percent in June expected to see improvement in the next six months, down from 44 percent in May, and 35 percent expected to see improvement in the next three months, down from 39 percent.

However, the numbers look more promising for the next three months, with 80 percent of executive recruiters saying they were confident or very confident that the executive employment market will improve in Q3, up from 72 percent in May.

The EER's search firm hiring index reached a 37-month high in June, finding that 69 percent of search firms planned to hire during the next three months in June, up from 61 percent in May.

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This article was originally published on 2006-07-31
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