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Dell to Simplify Approach to Systems Management

By Scott Ferguson  |  Posted 2006-11-28 Print this article Print

The PC maker is expanding its relationship with Altiris and offering a more streamlined approach for IT administrators to manage infrastructure and hardware.

Dell announced on Nov. 28 a number of initiatives aimed at streamlining the process of managing and administering an enterprise's IT infrastructure.

One part of this announcement involves the Round Rock, Texas, company extending its relationship with Altiris, which makes service-oriented management software.

The two companies will now work on the next generation of Dell's OpenManage systems management application.

The new systems management features, which will include a software and hardware manager on a single console and new ways to upgrade infrastructure, were rolled out at the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas.

Dell plans to begin offering the newer version of OpenManage systems in the second half of 2007.

Through the updated OpenManage system, Dell wants to ease infrastructure management by shrinking the number of applications IT mangers need to deploy, monitor and update their hardware and software.

Dell announced that it is simplifying its offering of tools within its OpenManage offering as well as a new partner program for software vendors that integrate their applications with the company's hardware.

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This will combine multi-point products into a single, more comprehensive offering for IT managers.

For example, Dell is offering a new client manager, which will include hardware inventory, monitoring and BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) configuration.

A "Manager Plus" series will offer delivery, PC migration, imaging and software inventory.

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