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Consumer Reports Retests Apple iPhone with Bumper

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2010-07-15 Print this article Print

Consumer Reports re-tested Apple's iPhone 4 with the addition of a "bumper" case, which resolved some of the signal-strength issues. Still, it was not enough for the publication to give the device a whole-hearted thumbs up.

In initial testing, the Apple iPhone 4 failed to receive "recommend" status from the consumer watchdog publication due to its antenna - when the phone is held in a way that covers the antenna, located on the phone's bottom left corner, reception can be reduced to the point of dropping a call.

In a July 14 post, Paul Reynolds blogged that the publications' labs department put a bumpered iPhone 4 through the tests - which includes using a radio frequency isolation chamber with a base station emulator that simulates a cell phone tower.

To read the original eWeek article, click here: Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Works with Bumper: Consumer Reports

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