Change Management for IT Workers

Change Management for IT Workers

Change Management for IT Workers

70 percent of major change initiatives within organizations do not succeed.
In his new book, Beyond the Wall of Resistance (Bard Press), change-management expert Rick Maurer reveals how managers can go about change in a way that engages employees and solidifies commitment. Fear, confusion and resentment can be eliminated or at least reduced through improved communication, listening and follow-through skills, Maurer contends. Otherwise, managers can face the familiar scenario of change being easy to talk about but hard accomplish in productive ways. We've all see in happen: Dozens of employees walk into the company auditorium where a large banner declares, "New Technology for the Future and Beyond." At each seat sits a coffee mug/T-shirt "gift" repeating the phrase. A top manager steps to the microphone and speaks of the company being "on the cusp of great opportunity" with the need to "re-transform the paradigm." The employees may be willing to forgive the wealth of redundant clich├ęs. But the marathon PowerPoint session that follows is a deal-breaker. The audience is lost, surreptitiously checking messages on their smart phones and sending snarky, skeptical texts to co-workers in the room. At this point, the likelihood of success of "the big plan" here is greatly diminished.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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