Key Performance Indicators

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CVS said there was only one way to deal with Eckerd's information systems: Burn 'em down.

Key Performance Indicators: Tale of Two Drugstores

If CVS wants to measure the success of its acquisition of Eckerd's stores in the southern U.S., the company will have to bring the purchased stores up to its own standards. Here are the 2003 performance metrics for CVS and Eckerd overall.

  CVS Eckerd
Sales $26.6 billion $7.2 billion
Gross margin (% of sales) $6.9 billion (25.8%) $1.7 billion (22.7%)
SG&A (% of sales) $5.1 billion (19.2%) $1.4 billion (19.4%)
EBITDA (% of sales) $1.8 billion (6.6%) $241 million (3.3%)
Source: Company filings, J.P. Morgan

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