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Everyone says information technology adds value to enterprise operations. Analysts and practitioners alike expound the benefits technology brings by creating greater efficiencies, lowering costs and enhancing productivity. But how does technology relate to an organization’s revenue and profit performance?

That’s the question we asked when reviewing the methodology for this year’s Baseline 500. Our conclusion: It’s not enough to measure IT productivity in the abstract. The ultimate measure of any enterprise activity is how it affects the top and bottom lines.

Baseline / BTM 500 Articles

A Document Management Case Study: Procter and Gamble
Procter & Gamble rolls out an electronic document management system, including document management software and secure signature initiatives to accelerate R&D, meet regulatory compliance requirements and save money.

Del Monte Gets Social
Del Monte is hoping to capitalize on social networking as a marketing tool, to help the company get closer to its customers and create the kind of products consumers want.

ERP: Out of the Woods
A series of missteps dogged Blount’s ERP system. But after making some good decisions and getting help from a “white knight,” the firm Got back on the right tech Path.

Baseline and BTM Corp. Team Up on 500 Rankings
New partnership between Baseline and BTM Corp. will produce an enhanced ranking of the top 500 technology-savvy corporations.

Baseline 500: A Matter Of Survival At Moody`s
After Moody’s segregated its credit-analysis and reporting business from the unit that sells data and analysis tools, the financial reporting firm charged the IT department with developing, unifying and standardizing the technology needed to support that change.

Baseline 500: Old Pipes, New Pipes
American States Water and other Baseline 500 companies find that leased-line wide-area networks are sometimes more reliable and secure—and less costly—than the public cloud.

Baseline 500: Wall Street (Almost) Doesn`t Care About CIOs
If you judge by stock price, even the top Baseline 500 companies aren't handling their assets so well.

Baseline 500: Best U.S. Users of Technology
Very few of us are in the dark about the quality of I.T. management at our own companies. Getting insight into other companies is the trick.

This article was originally published on 2008-05-14
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