Apps For Your Television

Apps For Your Television

Apps For Your Television

73 percent of respondents are very interested in an app for requesting more information after watching a commercial.
No wonder Apple is making noises about reviving its long-dormant television strategy: the next frontier for killer applications could very well be on your TV set. Many consumers say that they would prefer to give up the habit of surfing the Web with a computer balanced on their laps while watching television at the same time, but they are unwilling to give up the convenience or feature-sets of they've become accustomed to via simultaneous use of both media. Interactive apps that are accessible on their televisions could scratch their itch for complementary functions, according to a new survey from FourthWall Media. Think about commercials that let viewers inquire about more information on a product or service, and consider the emergence of easy-to-use features such as phone-number look-up via the clicker that’s already in your hand. Such applications could be commonplace in the relatively near future, and the ways we watch television -- along with the ways we advertise and shop and interact with television watchers -- may never be the same.
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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