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Adobe Acrobat 8, Acrobat Connect Foster Real-Time Collaboration

By Patrick Hoffman  |  Posted 2006-11-02 Print this article Print

Adobe has expanded its collaborative reach with Acrobat 8 and Adobe Acrobat Connect, which allow its PDF and Web conferencing platforms to be shared across multiple systems and applications in real time with the use of other Adobe software.

Adobe Systems announced in a statement Nov. 2 the release of its latest collaborative software, Acrobat 8 for PDF files and forms, and Acrobat Connect, a hosted Web conferencing program.

Acrobat 8 will allow users to interact with information contained in PDF documents and forms while also letting users complete their work by giving them access to the Adobe Reader software.

Adobe adds Flash to Acrobat 8. Click here to read more.

For business users, Acrobat 8 provides features relevant to an array of areas such as architecture, engineering and construction, IT, legal, marketing, manufacturing, and publishing, advancing Acrobat's use beyond simple PDF creation.

"With advances in Acrobat 8, many design and construction documents can now be combined into a single, more secure PDF package and [be] delivered in seconds nationwide to project teams that can review, comment on and digitally sign materials simply using Adobe Reader," Adobe said in a news release Nov. 2.

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