30 Fast Facts on Facebook at Work

30 Fast Facts on Facebook at Work

30 Fast Facts on Facebook at Work

1. Microsoft is the leading corporate user of Facebook and other social media, based on membership and frequency of posts at Fortune 1000 companies.

See also 11 Tips For Business on Facebook, Case Study: Rosetta Stone on Facebook An upcoming movie, “The Social Network,” presents a version of Facebook’s creation story that won’t earn any friend requests from founder Marc Zuckerberg or his public relations team. No less controversial is the subject of Facebook in the business environment. Human resources professionals use it to vet new employees and keep in touch with old ones, marketers are glomming onto its capabilities to engage with customers and build their brands, PR pros use it to improve their messaging, and workers use it to keep in touch with job-related communities. But at the same time, Facebook can sap corporate resources. Heavy usage can create an enormous drain on productivity and mental bandwidth. With corporate consciousness around Facebook continuing to snowball, IT departments are increasingly forced to understand how the social networking phenomenon helps and hinders their organizations. Baseline takes a look at the fast-growing phenomenon and considers some of the ways Facebook is changing the way we all do business.

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