30 Fast Facts About Smartphones

30 Fast Facts About Smartphones

30 Fast Facts About Smartphones

1. The first camera phone was released in Japan in 2000: the Sharp J-SH04. 2. Porn helped drive popularity, with a phone-cam-enabled up-skirt photo subculture emerging online. 3. Japan and South Korea require phone cameras to make noise when pictures are taken in order to prevent unwanted photography.
iPhones and Androids and various Blackberry devices are everywhere, and the revolution has just begun. One day we will tell our children about mobile telephones that only made calls, and cameras that only took pictures, and how we used to need a computer to connect to the Internet (never mind payphones — the only way they’ll believe those were real is from watching old movies on their own smart mobile devices). As cell phone manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of what their phones can do and be, wireless subscribers worldwide are dazzled again and again by increasingly sophisticated designs and capabilities. The cutthroat competition for consumer and business dollars in this market foretells the future of computing, as digital information is ported into smaller and smaller form factors and devices add functionality and range. With Apple’s trailblazing iPhone now on its 4th iteration (albeit one with a significant flaw in terms of reception), it can be hard to remember how quickly these hand-held computers have gone from the stuff of science fiction to mainstays of personal technology, from PDAs that ended up as punch-lines to smart-phones that pack a real a punch — and to remember as well that a lot more cool stuff is on the way.

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