25 Fast Facts About Twitter in the Workplace

25 Fast Facts About Twitter in the Workplace

25 Fast Facts About Twitter in the Workplace

1. Dell reported that Twitter promotions helped it sell $6.5 million in gear last year.
Twitter devotees are taking over the workplace, 140 characters at a time. The wildly popular microblogging site with the funny name and the celebrity cred has gone from curiosity to the mainstream in just a couple of years, and these days it's about much more than keeping up with the latest from Ashton and Kanye. Tweeting has made it easy for workers to update colleagues, partners, and customers about the latest marketing campaigns, hiring happenings and other important company messages. Twitter also provides companies with an invaluable tool for listening to customers as they talk back and talk amongst themselves. And, of course, just as many workers use the company phone to organize their personal lives while in the office, people go beyond updating business communications to share social-life trivia with friends and family. How companies respond to that split reality is an emerging science, but there is no doubt that bite-sized messaging has a business impact that can not be ignored.

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