iPhone Developers Impatient for the Software Kit

By Daniel Drew Turner  |  Posted 2008-03-05 Print this article Print

Developers eager to start building iPhone applications examine the potential of Exchange support and enterprise products.


With Apple set to provide details this week of its planned iPhone software development kit, even developers of desktop Mac products are looking forward to new business opportunities in the mobile space.

Alykhan Jetha, CEO of Marketcircle, a developer of Mac OS X applications, said, "The anticipation is very high within the larger Mac developer space—including us here at Marketcircle—not only because this is a Cocoa/OS X based-mobile platform, but also because the interface paradigm is new and has some exciting, unexplored potential."

Jetha said, "There is concrete proof that the iPhone is everywhere—in almost every country on Earth. … The iPhone's a great device, and opening that device up will create a new level of greatness. I think Apple and developers like us can bank on increased market share both for the device and the Mac."

"There are many apps already [for jail-broken iPhones]," he continued, "and so as soon as we get the SDK, those apps will become official."

"We are absolutely raring to go," said Wil Shipley, owner of development company Delicious Monster.

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