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11 Common Pitfalls of Analytics

Are your analytics efforts having a meaningful impact on your key organizational strategies? Or do they amount to little more than an overhyped "new thing" that accomplishes very little? If you're running into the latter, then you're probably experiencing several of the following 11 common pitfalls of analytics. They are adapted from a section of the recent book, Behind Every Good Decision: How... Read More >


The NY Mets Use Analytics to Cover Their Bases

The New York Mets turn to big data and analytics to create higher levels of engagement with fans today, while working toward longer-term fandom down the road. Read More >


Big Data Drives Make-or-Break Business Decisions

When it's time to make a major decision at your organization—one that can translate into a significant profit or loss over the next year—how do your senior executives proceed? Do they rely on intuition or data analytics? A research report from PwC conveys a mixed portrait: Executives worldwide said they recognize the growing influence big data has on critical business strategies and... Read More >


Analytics Strategy Vastly Improves Performance

The quest for better financial controls and data visibility led Wind River Holdings to a change in data management and the adoption of an analytics platform. Read More >


Forensically Sound Data: What Does IT Need to Do?

Learn about the admissibility of electronically stored information and what IT can do to reduce rising costs associated with ESI collection, storage and review. Read More >


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