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Business Intelligence Tool Streamlines Operations

A business intelligence system at Ohio's Columbus Zoo and Aquarium improved data management, streamlined operations and increased data-driven decision making. Read More >


Predictive Analytics Helps Vodafone Ring Up Sales

The European telecom provider turns to a predictive analytics solution to improve its forecasting capabilities, predict customer behavior and boost performance. Read More >


Rationalizing the Sometimes Irrational Customer

Consumers can make emotional buying decisions, but analytics can help businesses better understand, and even predict, seemingly irrational customer behavior. Read More >


Analytics Gives Lytro a Clear Business Picture

The camera maker requires integrated, end-to-end planning capabilities, so it turned to a financial analytics tool to create streamlined, efficient workflows. Read More >


Big Data's Promise: A Competitive Advantage

If your technology organization isn't already fully immersed in big data tool deployment, your company may fall behind your competitors. A significant share of enterprises are now investing in big data analytics, business intelligence (BI) tools, relational databases and data warehouses/marts, according to recent survey findings from QuinStreet Enterprise. However, to get the most out of both... Read More >


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