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5 Actions That Can Help Companies Master Analytics

Companies that want to win the analytics game should follow the actions of the most analytically mature firms, which work to get the most value from their data.  Read More >


A Real-Time Analytics Tool Keeps Business Running

For Credit Karma, problems on a Web page can translate into lost revenue. To avoid that issue, it implemented an analytics system to spot anomalies in real time. Read More >


Omega World Travel Journeys Deeper Into Data

A leading travel management firm turns to advanced analytics to deliver dashboards that provide views of critical metrics and key performance indicators. Read More >


Why Analytics Investments Lack Sales/Marketing ROI

While the majority of organizations are heavily invested in analytics, very few are seeing this investment translate into the broad, positive impact they seek in sales and marketing performance, according to a recent survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and ZS. The resulting report, "Broken Links: Why Analytics Investments Have Yet to Pay Off," states that senior leadership considers... Read More >


Expert System Eases Crunch at Allstate Call Center

An intelligent virtual assistant gives agents easy access to an online knowledge base, eases the push into commercial markets and relieves call center overload. Read More >


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