Business Intelligence Archives


Dannon Speeds Up Data Preparation and Analysis

Producing business reports used to take Dannon's IT team weeks or months, but a new data preparation system enables users to produce their own reports in hours. Read More >


Emerald Home Furnishings Gets Comfortable With BI

The company's business intelligence system saves it 40 to 60 hours a week. Its employees get better information, and they have access to it when they need it. Read More >


The Internet of Things Means Business

Connected devices and networked machines are enabling industry and government to collect information and act on it in ways that will redefine IT and business. Read More >


Big Data Will Spur Business Opportunities

By layering new analytical methods and tools on top of big data solutions, companies can tap into greater productivity and gain more insight into their business. Read More >


Analytics Is a Star Player in Super Bowl XLVIII

Stats Zone, one of the Super Bowl attractions in Times Square this week, will provide real-time analytics on all online conversations about the Super Bowl. Read More >


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