Business Intelligence Archives


Pfizer Gets Rx for Self-Service BI

The firm uses self-service BI dashboards that enable business users to drill down into any set of data at will, without intervention required on the part of IT. Read More >


Seacoast Bank Cashes in on Data Virtualization

The bank moved away from isolated physical data warehouses and built a single warehouse that enables users to self-service their business intelligence needs. Read More >


Getting Business Intelligence When & Where Needed

AudioNet deployed a business intelligence solution that enables it to access data points and visualizations and gain insight into pattern trends in real time. Read More >


Firms Struggle to Deliver Analytics to Customers

In the digital world, all roads ultimately lead to data and analytics, which are fueling innovation and, in many cases, competitive advantage. But analytics can take many forms and encompass many different things. A recent 2016 report from Jinfonet Software—"Commercial Customers Want Analytics Too!"—points out that commercial customers increasingly seek these capabilities. The... Read More >


Libraries Pool Big Data Analytics Investments

Ten libraries joined together to use a big data analytics service that applies fuzzy logic technology to card catalog data to identify patterns and trends. Read More >


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