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Libraries Pool Big Data Analytics Investments

Ten libraries joined together to use a big data analytics service that applies fuzzy logic technology to card catalog data to identify patterns and trends. Read More >


How to Get the Biggest Bang From Your BI Data

The vast majority of users and managers of business intelligence (BI) data believe they are maximizing the value of this data, according to a recent survey from Clutch. The resulting report, "Business Intelligence Data Analytics Survey 2016," reveals that organizations are collecting data from a wide range of sources: internal, business systems, structured data, unstructured data and social... Read More >


Self-Service Analytics: A Boon for Business Users

Business analysis tools no longer fall within the exclusive domain of data scientists, as line-of-business users are tapping the power of self-service analytics. Read More >


Benefits of Predictive and Anticipatory Analytics

Almost all large companies use predictive analytics in some form, but not all of them use anticipatory analytics, which identifies changes before they happen. Read More >


5 Actions That Can Help Companies Master Analytics

Companies that want to win the analytics game should follow the actions of the most analytically mature firms, which work to get the most value from their data.  Read More >


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