Business Intelligence Archives


Next-Gen Analytics Helps Spur Business Success

Analytics combines data and data sources in new ways to help firms understand relationships that can determine whether they soar or stumble into the digital age. Read More >


Data Visualization: Getting Value From Information

Data visualization technologies communicate large amounts of data in ways that are easier for business groups to understand, so insights can be quickly gained. Read More >


Relief Agency Puts Data to Work After Typhoon

The International Organization for Migration used analytics to target resources after a super-typhoon slammed into the Philippines, causing enormous devastation. Read More >


Securities Firm Adopts a Blended Data Approach

Rosenblatt Securities turns to a blended data approach to push the envelope on data collection and information delivery, significantly improving performance. Read More >


CEOs Want Strong Metrics on Marketing Activities

CEOs want marketing activities to be continuously measured and decision making to be based on metrics, so they can identify channels that convert the most sales. Read More >


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