Business Intelligence Archives


CEOs Want Strong Metrics on Marketing Activities

CEOs want marketing activities to be continuously measured and decision making to be based on metrics, so they can identify channels that convert the most sales. Read More >


Taking a Skillful Approach fo Data Science

IT executives must prepare for a massive shift away from the role of enterprise infrastructure guardians (a trend driven by the cloud) and toward data science. Read More >


Business Intelligence Tool Streamlines Operations

A business intelligence system at Ohio's Columbus Zoo and Aquarium improved data management, streamlined operations and increased data-driven decision making. Read More >


Predictive Analytics Helps Vodafone Ring Up Sales

The European telecom provider turns to a predictive analytics solution to improve its forecasting capabilities, predict customer behavior and boost performance. Read More >


Rationalizing the Sometimes Irrational Customer

Consumers can make emotional buying decisions, but analytics can help businesses better understand, and even predict, seemingly irrational customer behavior. Read More >


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