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Trucking giant J.B. Hunt tries to track its trucks as they criss-cross the nation, in an effort to boost efficiency and profits. So why are its drivers still getting lost?

.B. Hunt Transport Base Case">

J.B. Hunt Transport Base Case

Headquarters: 615 J.B. Hunt Corporate Drive, Lowell, Ark.

Phone: (501) 820-0000

Business: Freight trucking, container transportation, dedicated contract shipping services and logistics

Chief Information Officer: Kay Palmer

Financials in 2000: $2.2 billion in revenue, $36.1 million in net income; net profit margin, 1.7%

Challenge: Increase the efficiency of freight shipping and better manage the company's assets, preventing losses of revenue

Baseline Goals:

  • Determine loading status and exact location of stationary trailers 99% of the time
  • Eliminate lost revenue from trailers sitting at customer locations
  • Reduce the ratio of trailers to tractors from 2.42 to 2.23 (trucking division fleet)
  • Increase loads per trailer from current 11.8 loads per quarter

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    This article was originally published on 2001-12-10
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