Business Continuity Archives


Disaster Recovery Is Critical at Blood Centers

LifeShare Blood Centers turned to a cloud-based disaster recovery and data availability framework to improve availability and ensure business continuity. Read More >


What Companies Must Do to 'Keep the Lights On'

A comprehensive business continuity plan involves technology, processes and people, and it's essential to keep customer trust and avoid financial losses. Read More >


Company Lays Down the Law on Business Continuity

Rubin Lublin, a real estate law firm, turned to disaster recovery in the cloud to transform the way it protects its data and ensures business continuity. Read More >


Why You Need a Cyber-Security Breach Response Plan

It may be impossible to prevent a breach, but the next best thing is to have a comprehensive response plan that can be swiftly and effectively executed. Read More >


Providing High-Speed Network and Massive Bandwidth

NYSERNet, a research network, adopts a sophisticated IT infrastructure to provide next-generation Internet services that deliver speeds of 1,000 Mbps or higher. Read More >


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