Business Continuity Archives


What Companies Must Do to 'Keep the Lights On'

A comprehensive business continuity plan involves technology, processes and people, and it's essential to keep customer trust and avoid financial losses. Read More >


Company Lays Down the Law on Business Continuity

Rubin Lublin, a real estate law firm, turned to disaster recovery in the cloud to transform the way it protects its data and ensures business continuity. Read More >


Why You Need a Cyber-Security Breach Response Plan

It may be impossible to prevent a breach, but the next best thing is to have a comprehensive response plan that can be swiftly and effectively executed. Read More >


Providing High-Speed Network and Massive Bandwidth

NYSERNet, a research network, adopts a sophisticated IT infrastructure to provide next-generation Internet services that deliver speeds of 1,000 Mbps or higher. Read More >


Walgreens Prescribes Strong Business Continuity

The drug retailing giant uses business continuity to ensure that news, information and instructions reach the right people at the right time during emergencies. Read More >


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