Why Professionals Love Analytics-Embedded Apps

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Why Professionals Love Analytics-Embedded Apps

    Why Professionals Love Analytics-Embedded Apps

    The C-suite has become a vocal supporter of applications with embedded analytics capabilities such as dashboards, self-service reporting and interactive reports.

An increasing number of employees are seeking apps with embedded business intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities, according to a recent survey from Logi Analytics. The accompanying "2016 State of Embedded Analytics Report" indicates that a growing number of workers are expected to take advantage of embedded analytics in the near future, especially within industries such as health care, finance, education and utilities. In many cases, CEOs and their executive management team are becoming the most vocal supporters of these apps, stressing the value of embedded analytics capabilities such as dashboards and self-service reporting. With these tools, employees are helping their organizations improve customer satisfaction, while benefiting from apps with extended lifecycles and other capabilities. "Businesses are moving to the infused analytics model, in which analytics is a core component of all software applications," according to the report. "Within three years, it will be impossible to tell the difference between an application and the analytics content embedded within it. … Applications will continue to move from bolt-on approaches to more infused implementations. Users will only have to use their preferred application, not two or more applications, in their daily work." More than 500 business and tech professionals, other employees and app providers took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2016-06-03
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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