Nine Companies That Built Success on Business Data

Nine Companies That Built Success on Business Data

Nine Companies That Built Success on Business Data

COSCO This shipping firm tapped into data on inventory flows, products and customers to reduce its distribution centers from 100 to 60, saving 23% on logistics costs.

Organizations today have access to great data about customers, processes and emerging business trends. But collecting this information is merely a start: It's important to deploy analytical tech tools to maximize the data's value. In a recent report, "Doing Business the Data-Driven Way: Pathways to Success in the Networked Economy," author Zachary Tumin highlights the following success stories from nine companies. They range from a hospital to a music hit-maker to one of the largest tech titans. The wide range of eclectic industries featured demonstrates that there isn't a single type of data-driven company—nor are there limitations on how data can drive lasting success. "When you combine the convenience and speed of the cloud with the connectivity and intelligence of business networks, you can predict the future with accuracy and recommend the best course of action to capitalize on those predictions," says Tim Minahan, senior vice president over global network strategy for Ariba, an SAP company that helped sponsor the report. (Ariba combines cloud-based applications with a Web-based trading community.) The report was written by Zachary Tumin, special assistant to the faculty chair and director of Harvard Kennedy School's Program in Science, Technology and Public Policy.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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