Analytics/Big Data Archives


Data Visualization: Making Sense of Big Data

As big data grows constantly bigger, IT organizations must come up with better ways to depict and make sense of it by using data visualization. We've come a long way from simple pie and bar charts, but the book The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions (Wiley, March 2014) cautions that technology professionals and designers can stray too far in... Read More >


Managing & Securing Data for the World's Families

CTO Scott Sorensen has a challenging job: Helping expand and enhance its vast database of family information, while keeping that data secure. Read More >


Dannon Speeds Up Data Preparation and Analysis

Producing business reports used to take Dannon's IT team weeks or months, but a new data preparation system enables users to produce their own reports in hours. Read More >


How to Align IT and Marketing on Big Data

It's difficult to imagine that a decade or so ago, IT and marketing professionals could co-exist in the same building while going days—maybe even weeks—without speaking to each other. But that era is gone, and for a very good reason: With value being mined from big data every minute, it's absolutely essential to bring tech and marketing together to maximize results from analytics... Read More >


From Chess to Cancer: Watson's Latest Challenge

The New York Genome Center and IBM are testing a Watson prototype that's designed to provide more personalized treatments for people with brain cancer. Read More >


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