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Nielsen Builds a Better Platform for Analytics

The ratings and analytics service wanted a more agile approach to its database, so it adopted NoSQL technology to improve performance and boost the bottom line. Read More >


11 Common Pitfalls of Analytics

Are your analytics efforts having a meaningful impact on your key organizational strategies? Or do they amount to little more than an overhyped "new thing" that accomplishes very little? If you're running into the latter, then you're probably experiencing several of the following 11 common pitfalls of analytics. They are adapted from a section of the recent book, Behind Every Good Decision: How... Read More >


Managing Mainframe Resources With Analytics

Swiss RE, a global reinsurance giant, turns to sophisticated mainframe analytics software to manage computing resources more efficiently and cost-effectively. Read More >


Police List Crime-Fighting Software as a Priority

Crime-fighting software is already being used to fight drug-related and other types of crimes, and this technology could soon become a standard for police. Read More >


Harte Hanks Puts Data in Its Place

The marketing services firm turns to Hadoop RDBMS to better scale resources and improve performance, which translates into better results for its clients. Read More >


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