Analytics/Big Data Archives


Company Gains Business Insight With Data Warehouse

A data warehouse with in-database analytics gives Western Refining valuable insights into operations, slashing processing time and improving data accuracy. Read More >


Data Chiefs Demand Data Journalism

Top data analytics executives kicked off a data analytics event at MIT with a call for better data storytelling—by using word pros instead of data pros. Read More >


How Cognitive Computing Can Fuel Sales and CX

While the majority of sales and marketing executives believe that cognitive computing will emerge as a disruptive sales and marketing force in their industries, relatively few are working with a cognitive computing strategy today, according to a recent survey from the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV). The resulting report, "From Data Deluge to Intelligent Insights: Adopting Cognitive... Read More >


High-Performance Computing Powers Genome Project

A major biomedical research center relies on an HPC system to run a genome project that will allow personalized healthcare for the people of Qatar. Read More >


How Data Can Create Customer-Obsessed Companies

Companies in which the CFO and other executives collaborate closely on customer-focused data are gaining a significant competitive edge in their industry, according to a recent study commissioned by Dun & Bradstreet and conducted by Forrester Consulting. The accompanying report, "The Customer-Obsessed Finance Leader in the Age of Data," approaches the topic from the CFO's perspective. It... Read More >


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