Analytics/Big Data Archives


Harnessing Technology to Improve Health Care

Nowhere is technology poised to have a greater impact than in the health care and life sciences space, where innovations are yielding huge benefits for patients. Read More >


IT Must Be Marketing's Ally, Not Its Adversary

Though the IT and marketing departments have operated differently at times, when they work well together, it has a positive impact on the enterprise as a whole. Read More >


Big Data Comes With a Risk Warning

Without effective information governance policies, big data represents a huge threat to a company's reputation and bottom line—and to its customers' trust. Read More >


A Global Non-Profit Uses Data to Protect Animals

Dedicated to protecting animals, Conservation International sorts data, identifies patterns and generates statistical models to obtain animal population data. Read More >


What Companies Must Do to Get Value From Big Data

The vast majority of today's organizations are moving forward with big data projects, but they admit that they must make significant improvements in a number of critical areas to maximize the ROI of these initiatives, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The resulting report, "Big Data Insights and Opportunities," indicates that smartphones, tablets, PCs and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices... Read More >


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