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To Do Analytics Well, Focus on the Business Issues

If you want to do well with big data and analytics, you have to look at how and why enterprises have succeeded with BDA programs and how and why they've failed. Read More >


How Companies Plan to Maximize Big Data's Value

Organizations are going all in on big data, with most of the companies surveyed anticipating spending increases to maximize the value of this technology over the next 12 months, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. That value is expected to address needs such as operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and overall business strategies. At this point, IT leaders are expressing... Read More >


Education Association Learns the Value of Social

The New Jersey Education Association focuses on social media and analytics to improve communication and participation of its teachers and other school employees. Read More >


Data-Driven Marketing Fuels Customer Connectivity

Most organizations interact with both existing and potential customers through their marketing and advertising initiatives. More than ever, company leaders are looking to improve these efforts with data-driven advances, according to a recent survey from GlobalDMA and the Winterberry Group. The accompanying report, "The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising," states that an... Read More >


Utilizing Cutting-Edge Unstructured Data Analytics

A major challenge is finding ways to harness unstructured data—such as call center logs, blogs and social media posts—in order to overcome business challenges.  Read More >


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