Analytics/Big Data Archives


Agency Uses Technology to Fight Child Exploitation

An organization that battles child exploitation adopts advanced technology to support information collection and sharing across global law enforcement agencies. Read More >


Wiland Boosts Performance With Log Management

A marketing analytics firm adopts a sophisticated open-source log management solution to boost IT performance and identify problems significantly more quickly. Read More >


Analytics Is the Ticket for a Better Ride

Big data analytics beckons with the promise of making life easier and better. A prime example is public transportation, which often disrupts people's lives. Read More >


Battling Fraud Grows Even More Complex

Enterprise fraud is nothing new, but digital technologies and ubiquitous communications have forever changed the stakes. Not only is it easier to move data and information across computer systems, but fraudulent activity can span multiple computers, organizations and industries. A new survey conducted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions surveyed 400 professionals about this topic and the key issues... Read More >


Fantasy Football Service Scores Big With Watson

Edge Up Sports, an upstart fantasy football information provider, turns to the Watson cognitive computing platform to help users gain a competitive edge. Read More >


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