Analytics/Big Data Archives


High-Performance Computing Powers Genome Project

A major biomedical research center relies on an HPC system to run a genome project that will allow personalized healthcare for the people of Qatar. Read More >


How Data Can Create Customer-Obsessed Companies

Companies in which the CFO and other executives collaborate closely on customer-focused data are gaining a significant competitive edge in their industry, according to a recent study commissioned by Dun & Bradstreet and conducted by Forrester Consulting. The accompanying report, "The Customer-Obsessed Finance Leader in the Age of Data," approaches the topic from the CFO's perspective. It... Read More >


Companies Need to Develop a Data Science Strategy

Once business leaders understand how data science can make a difference, an enterprise can formulate a plan for putting data science methodologies to work. Read More >


NPR Adopts Advanced Financial Analytics

The publicly funded nonprofit media organization migrated to a cloud-based financial reporting system that contributed to a gain in ratings for its programming. Read More >


Can Big Data Help Save Our Planet?

Our lifestyles cause greenhouse gases, but they also create huge volumes of behavioral data that can be used to gain insight into how we contribute to pollution. Read More >


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