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Which Data Analytics Jobs Offer the Best Salary?

The number of data science and analytics (DSA) job openings will continue to grow impressively between now and 2020, according to recent research from Burning Glass Technologies, IBM and the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF). The accompanying report, "The Quant Crunch: How Demand for Data Science Skills Is Disrupting the Job Market," indicates that DSA jobs are paying many thousands of... Read More >


Boticário Group Deploys Advanced User Analytics

Brazil's largest cosmetic company builds an advanced user analytics framework to understand the user experience and improve system performance. Read More >


Leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning

Real estate site Trulia uses big data and machine learning to create a better user experience that's tailored to the preferences of customers looking for a home. Read More >


Marketers Lack IT Tools to Fully Engage Customers

A significant number of global marketers said that even though they have ample access to customer-related data, their current technology resources make it difficult to use that data to make decisions in real time, according to a recent survey from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and RedPoint Global. The resulting report, "Empowering the Data-Driven Customer Strategy: Addressing Customer... Read More >


Cloud, Mobile and Analytics Help Retain Employees

Concerns about retaining the staff prompted the Anderson Center for Autism to seek a tech solution that was compatible with the center's people-first philosophy. Read More >


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