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How AI Is Enhancing Big Data Initiatives

Enterprise leaders and professionals overwhelmingly view artificial intelligence as a productivity boost—and even a jobs creator. These views are especially true when AI is used to advance big data efforts, according to a recent survey from Narrative Science. The resulting report, "State of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Enterprise," indicates that most of the companies... Read More >


Home & Land Integrates CRM and Analytics

A provider of marketing services to the real estate industry turned to a sophisticated approach to increase sales: analytics and a cloud-based CRM system. Read More >


Predictive Mobile Analytics: A New Business Driver

In this age of increased customer touch-points, predictive mobile analytics has become a key component in helping companies target their marketing initiatives. Read More >


Data Analytics Helps Amnesty International Belgium

The international human rights organization uses data analytics to examine donor behavior patterns, tailor messages and gauge the effectiveness of campaigns. Read More >


NOAA Weathers a Data Transformation

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration looks to better leverage the power of big data for the more than 20 terabytes of data it gathers every day. Read More >


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