Analytics/Big Data Archives


OKOrder Says 'Yes' to Sophisticated E-Commerce

A leading e-commerce company in China turns to a more sophisticated technology platform to ratchet up its e-commerce and analytics capabilities. Read More >


Taking a Charitable Approach to Big Data

National Trust, one of the United Kingdom's leading charitable organizations, adopts big data blending technology to improve its efficiency and boost donations. Read More >


How AI Is Enhancing Big Data Initiatives

Enterprise leaders and professionals overwhelmingly view artificial intelligence as a productivity boost—and even a jobs creator. These views are especially true when AI is used to advance big data efforts, according to a recent survey from Narrative Science. The resulting report, "State of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Enterprise," indicates that most of the companies... Read More >


Home & Land Integrates CRM and Analytics

A provider of marketing services to the real estate industry turned to a sophisticated approach to increase sales: analytics and a cloud-based CRM system. Read More >


Predictive Mobile Analytics: A New Business Driver

In this age of increased customer touch-points, predictive mobile analytics has become a key component in helping companies target their marketing initiatives. Read More >


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