Analytics/Big Data Archives


How to Get Business Value From Big Data Analytics

It's essential to adopt a broader scope about data and analytics, create a very flexible and agile IT framework, and build a strong foundation for data science. Read More >


Pfizer Gets Rx for Self-Service BI

The firm uses self-service BI dashboards that enable business users to drill down into any set of data at will, without intervention required on the part of IT. Read More >


Mid-Market Firms Use Tech to Be More Competitive

A majority of middle-market companies will spend up to 10 percent of their budget on technology, including product and service innovation and core technologies. Read More >


How Marketers View the Future of Technology

Marketing executives are commanding an ever-growing piece of the IT budget, so it makes sense to get their take on which technologies are getting their attention. But it turns out that their take is a bit conflicted. A recent survey of 620 marketers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia, which was conducted by marketing software-maker Marketo, reports a notable... Read More >


Where Is Analytics Going in Financial Services?

There are a handful of broader analytics trends that have special implications for financial services institutions. These four are especially worth noting. Read More >


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